Presto is the final pet to be acquired in Adventure Mode. He is a green tadpole with yellow-green tail fins and black eyes. He has the ability to transform himself into any pet the player owns.


Presto is the most versatile pet in the game. With Presto, it is possible to have two of the same pet in any level. By right-clicking him, a window will appear around the screen, with buttons to select pets. Choose a pet, and Presto will transform into that pet, requiring a short recharging period of about 10 seconds before he can transform again.

There are many strategies that utilize Presto. For example, he can be transformed into Shrapnel near the beginning of the level for fast money, changed into a combative pet when an alien signature is detected, and be turned into Angie and used with Amp to revive any fish he kills, producing a hefty profit. Ultimately, it is up to the player in how he can be used most efficiently.


"Presto is not actually a real pet. He was made up for the game."


  • If Presto is near the surface and changes into Stinky, Rufus, Niko, or Rhubarb, he will slowly fall to the ground.
  • If Presto is changed into Gash, he will eat a Guppy a few seconds after the transformation.
  • If Presto is changed into Blip, all of the store options will stay unlocked after changing him into another pet. (However, it takes Presto 20 seconds to unlock everything, while the real Blip only takes 5 seconds.)
  • The border around the screen with Presto's transformation Pet selection has the title "Presto Change-O".
  • When Walter punches Presto, he will revert back to his tadpole form.
  • Presto shares the transformation ability with Imitater (from Plants vs. Zombies, a game also produced and published by PopCap Games).
  • He has the shortest story in the game.


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