Rhubarb is a hermit crab with pink legs and claws, a conch shell splattered with white and tan, and is shown to have yellow eyes. He is unlocked after completing Tank 3-5.


Rhubarb is known to many as the worst pet ever. The reason behind this is his not so helpful function, which is keeping the player's fish away from the bottom of the tank. Still, this can be helpful; if the fish aren't near the bottom of the tank, the money they drop won't disappear as quickly.

In Tank 3, it is absolutely not recommended to use Rhubarb as he will prevent guppycrunchers from eating, possibly starving them to death.

Rhubarb may prove useful in Tank 2, as he can help maintain starcatchers fed since he will prevent money from disappearing as quickly. Paired with Seymour, it will be very unlikely a starcatcher goes hungry.

If the player has 11 pets unlocked in the Virtual Tank, Rhubarb can be useful when paired with Seymour, Nimbus, and Clyde for screensaver mode to collect all the money, further supplemented by Meryl.


"Rhubarb has often been accused of being the "worst pet ever". Rhubarb doesn't really care what his detractors think, though. He's not aiming to be a crowd pleaser. He's not trying to prove anything to anyone. He just wishes those darn fish would stay off the ground!"


  • He is named after rhubarbs, plants with long red and green stems that are commonly used in desserts.
  • If Wadsworth is on the bottom of the tank, Rhubarb will snap the Guppies and Breeders out of his mouth temporarily.
  • If Rhubarb snaps at a fish with the speedy attribute, the fish in question will shoot up and out of the tank briefly due to their immense speed.
  • Strangely, Rhubarb's pinching animation in-game seems to be played backwards. Veiwing it in slow motion, you can see that he raises a closed claw, opens it, and then lowers the opened claw. His animation frames in the game files show this in the reverse order, implying that this was a mistake.
  • In the Korean version of Insaniquarium, Rhubarb is reported to the police for being terrible in his story.


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