Rufus is a red fiddler crab. He inflicts heavy damage to aliens that you lure to the bottom of the Tank. He is unlocked after completing Tank 2-3.


When players lure an enemy to the bottom of the tank, Rufus will proceed to swipe at it with his claws, inflicting heavy damage. He is exceptional against Destructor and Ulysses, as he attacks them immediately. He is one of the 4 attacking Pets, the others being Itchy, Gash, and Stanley. Although Gash does the heaviest damage against Aliens, Rufus doesn't have the danger of eating your Guppies.


Rufus the Crab.png
RUFUS started his career as a dance instructor, teaching people how
to do his patented pop and lock arm routine. When his dance
studio burned down in a freak accident, RUFUS became a mercenary
for hire, using his dance skills to amplify his already potent natural
fighting ability.


  • Rufus has the power of a level 6 Laser.
  • Rufus is the only fighter pet that is limited to the bottom of the tank.
  • Sometimes, Rufus stops moving and dances, most likely referencing his story.
  • Rufus is the first crab pet. The other one is Rhubarb.
    • He's also the second bottom dwelling pet after Stinky.
  • Like Itchy and Gash, Rufus does not attacks aliens during the final battle.


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