Santa is a white and red pre-named fish that can can be obtained in the Virtual tank by buying a regular guppy for 25 shells in the shop and naming it "Santa". Renaming Santa after purchase will not change the fish's properties.

Santa is a musical genius and will occasionally sing Christmas songs when fed. It grows to full size after being fed twice and will drop Bag O' Shells thereafter. When fully grown, Santa's resale price is 36 shells. Only one Santa can exist in a tank at a time; if another fish is purchased and named Santa, it will not gain any special properties.

Fish Songs

Santa's Christmas song list includes the following:

Song Length
Auld Lang Syne 0:15
Deck The Halls 0:12
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen 0:18
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing 0:19
Jingle Bells 0:18
Joy To The World 0:11
O Christmas Tree 0:10
O Little Town of Bethlehem 0:15
The First Noel 0:17
We Three Kings 0:13
We Wish You a Merry Christmas 0:15


  • Buying a normal guppy with special attributes (exotic food, voracious, forwardly-challenged, etc.) and naming it Santa will allow it to keep the attributes as well as adding its own. This can also increase its resale price once fully grown, giving it a profitable value if sold.
    • If a musical genius guppy is named Santa, it will only sing Christmas songs.
  • This is the only pre-named fish not sold in the Fish Emporium directly. This is also the only pre-named fish that can be bought on absolutely any day.
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