Seymour is a green turtle with an olive shell. His presence in the tank makes Money and Shells fall at a slower rate.


Seymour slows down the falling speed of money and shells. Seymour also slows down their disappearing rate. He is most useful in tanks where there is a large amount of fish, such as in Tank 4, due to the difficulty in preventing money from going to waste at the bottom of the tank.

Paired with Nimbus and Clyde, collecting money becomes very efficient.


"After beating the hare a few years ago, Seymour retired and returned to his home in the aquarium. Sadly, nothing would ever top his winning that race. Seymour does not live in the present as we know it. Look into his eyes and you can see that his mind is stuck in a hazy past... reliving his last glorious moment."


  • Seymour's story can be a reference to the famous story, The Tortoise and the Hare.


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