Shells are the main income (and expense) of the player's very own Virtual Aquarium and have currency symbols of a small, yellow scallop (Storeshell.png).

Obtaining shells

Shells can be collected in five ways:

  1. Bonus Round - After completing five levels in Adventure Mode, a bonus round will ensue wherein players have to collect as many shells as they can before time runs out. Collecting the same type of shell several times in a row up to a maximum of 10 grants 80% shells more than the base value. After completing Adventure Mode for the first time, Bonus Adventure is unlocked. In Bonus Adventure, shorter Bonus Rounds will happen after every level.
  2. Time Trial Mode - Converts 5% the money earned in the level into shells once the time limit has been run down.
  3. Challenge Mode - 2,000 shells for Tank 1, 5,000 for Tank 2, 10,000 for Tank 3, and 20,000 for Tank 4
  4. Fish and Pets - Creatures that are housed in the Virtual Tank will periodically drop shells when properly fed. Shells collected by Stinky and Clyde in screensaver mode will count towards the player's shell total.
  5. Codes - Players who have completed the first five levels of Adventure mode can type "give" into the main menu to open a prompt that allows players to transfer their own shells into other accounts on the same system

Shell values

Shell Type Value Dropped By
Silver Shell.gif Silver Shell 1 shell Medium Guppies, Small Ball Fish
Gold Shell.gif Gold Shell 2 shells Large Guppies, Baby Jr. Guppies, Heads, Medium Ball Fish, Vert
Blue Shell.gif Blue Conch Shell 5 shells King Guppies, Medium Jr. Guppies, Starcatchers, Carnivores, Large Ball Fish, Aliens
Silver shell .gif Silver Spiral Shell 10 shells Beetlemunchers, Large Jr. Guppies, Mini-Sylvesters
Bag.png Bag O' Shells 20 shells Ultravores, King Jr. Guppies, Sylvesters, Rocky, Santa


Some pets are capable of producing money which have their own shell values.

End of round purchases

After completing Adventure Mode for the first time (as there are no more normal pet eggs to hatch), players will have the ability to purchase Bonus Pets and pet limit expansions after every level. They must be purchased in the order shown.

  • Brinkley - 20,000 Shells
  • Nostradamus - 25,000 Shells
  • Stanley - 30,000 Shells
  • Walter - 35,000 Shells
  • Increase number of pets used to four in all game modes - 40,000 Shells
  • Increase number of pets used to seven, Virtual Tank only - 45,000 Shells
    • After unlocking this, players can further increase the number of pets in the Virtual Tank to eleven by unlocking Sandbox Mode.

The Fish Emporium

Main Articles: The Fish Emporium, Virtual Tank Fish

The Fish Emporium is a shop run by the hostess, Meryl, and sells items for the player's Virtual Tank. Several fish are available for purchase, including fish that are exclusive to this game mode, as well as useful upgrades and decorative backdrops. The most common staples of The Fish Emporium are guppies and carnivores but also stocks starcatchers beetlemunchers, ultravores, and various other unique fish. Prices of fish vary greatly.

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