Shells are the main income (and expense) of your very own Virtual Aquarium.

Collecting Shells

Shells can be redeemed in four ways:

1.Adventure Bonus Rounds giving about 1000 for the first tank and about 2500 for tank 4 if you use chains (Gives 80x the base value if you collect 10 in a row for the same increment)

2.Time Trial which converts 5% of your money into shells.

3. Challenge mode attempts (2000 for tank 1 and 5000, 10000, and 20000 for tank 2, 3, and 4)

4. Dropped by Virtual Aquarium Fish. They drop grey, gold, and blue shells for medium, large, and king guppies.

Shell Values and Drops

Shell Type Value Dropped By
Silver Shell Silver Shell 2 Medium Guppies, Small Guppies
Gold Shell Gold Shell 3 Large Guppies, Baby Jr. Guppies, Small Balls, and Heads
Star Star 4 Brinkley, Starcatchers
Blue Shell Blue Conch Shell 10 King Guppies, Medium Jr. Guppies, Starcatchers, Carnivores, Medium Ball Fish, Large Guppies
Silver shell Gray Spiral Shell 20 Beetlemunchers, Large Jr. Guppies, mini-sylvester's, and Large Ball Fish
Bag Bag of Shells 30 Ultravores, King Jr.Guppies, Aliens, Rocky, and Santa, Large Guppies

End-of-round purchases

After you beat adventure mode for the 1st time, you will have the ability to purchase pets and features during the screen where an egg would normally hatch.

  • Brinkley - 20,000 shells
  • Nostradamus - 25,000 shells
  • Stanley - 30,000 shells
  • Walter - 35,000 shells
  • Increase number of pets used to 4 - 40,000 shells
  • Increase number of pets you can have in the Virtual Tank - 45,000 shells
    • After you unlock this, you can further increase the number of pets in the Virtual Tank to 11 by unlocking Sandbox Mode

The Fish Emporium

  • Normal Guppy: 25
  • Normal Carnivore: 100
  • Colourful Guppy (Changes Color Everyday): 500
  • Colourful Carnivore (Changes Color Everyday): 1,000
  • Semi-Rare Fish (Changes Everyday): 2,500-10,000
  • Super-Rare Fish (Changes Everyday): 25,000-50,000
  • Tank Backdrop (Makes your virtual tank look like Tank 2, 3, or 4): 15,000
  • Vitamin Pill Upgrade (Fish grow about 2x faster and keeps your fish fed longer, unlocked after Alien Attractor): 20,000
  • Cookie (a Beetlemuncher that feeds your other fish)
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