Stanley is a yellow sea serpent. He is the 3rd bonus pet in the game. He is unlocked by buying him for 30000 shells.


Stanley attacks aliens by throwing sports balls (wiffle ball, soccer ball, beach ball, or basketball) at them. He is quite useful against projectile aliens, which are Destructor and Ulysses. He can give you a helping hand against the missiles or the energy balls while you focus on Destructor or Ulysses. It can also be noted that Ulysses' energy balls won't be deflected after being hit by Stanley's balls.


Stanley's seeming unlimited supply of balls are the scourge of alien missile shooters everywhere. Some players wonder why he bothers throwing balls directly at the aliens, though. Stanley answers: "I like balls."


  • Stanley changes form when an alien attacks: he turns orange, grows lumps on his back, and enlarges his horns.
  • The balls Stanley throws are same as the Ball Fish which is only available in the Virtual Tank,
  • Stanley is the only ranged fighter pet.
    • He is also the only fighter pet that can destroy Destructor's missiles and Ulysses' energy balls.
  • Stanley's balls has the power of a Level 6 laser (same as Rufus), but with a slower attack rate.
  • His full name (Stanley the Startlingly Small Sea Serpent) is an example of alliteration.



Here is a short video on how to use Stanley:


Insaniquarium - How to use Special Pets - Stanley

How to use Stanley

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