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Feed button (5)

Click the 'Special Food' button to display the available Foods that can be spawned and click the Star that cannot be collected for Shells but can be eaten by Starcatchers

Gold Stars are worth $40 in Adventure Mode, Time Trial Mode and Challenge Mode when clicked, and are produced by Star Guppies or Brinkley. Stars are eaten by Starcatchers and produce Diamonds in return. In the Virtual Tank, they're only worth 3 Shells. Stars that you click to feed Starcatchers from the 'Special Food' button in Virtual Tank Mode (this will require at least one Starcatcher) cannot be collected for Shells (this is also the case with Beetles from the 'Special Food' button).

Star Guppies

Star potion (2)

A Star Potion

To get a Star Guppy, you must feed a fully grown (adult) Guppy a Star Potion, costing $250. Medium and Small Guppies will die if they attempt to eat a Star Potion, so be careful while feeding them to your fish. If you drop your star potion on a small or medium guppy, you just wasted your money to kill your fish. In Tank 2, Star Guppies drop gold Stars worth $40 every 9 seconds. Starcatchers eat these stars, but give you a $200 Diamond in return.
Star Guppy

A Star Guppy


Brinkley will toss up some kind of Money every 3 times you feed him. He mostly throws up Stars.

Collecting Stars

In the Virtual Tank, Pets will collect only Stars if no Starcatchers were present.

In other modes, Pets will collect Stars if and only if there isn't and never was a Starcatcher in that game - it doesn't matter if your Starcatcher dies, Pets still won't collect Stars.

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