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Isn't this little guy just the cutest? Answer: yes.
Meryl, The Fish Emporium

Starcatchers is an octopus are seen in Tank 2 of Adventure Mode, Time Trial Mode, Challenge Mode. Starcatchers eat stars, which are dropped by star guppies. They cost $750, and, upon eating a star, toss a diamond upwards.

Virtual Tank

In Virtual Tank Mode, starcatchers cost 2,500 shells in The Fish Emporium. However, starcatchers need manual feeding through the use of the "Feed" button because star guppies are not available in Virtual Tank. Brinkley and Cookie can be used to feed starcatchers in screensaver mode. After a starcatcher is fed three times, only then will it toss up a blue shell.


  • This fish appears to have two mouths.
  • It makes the highest pitched dying sound and share this trait with breeders.
    • Because of this, they are one of a pair of fishes which make similar sounds when they expire. The other pair which shares the same manner are carnivores and guppycrunchers.
    • Coincidentally, they appear on even number of tanks (Starcatcher on Tank 2 and Breeder on Tank 4, respectively).
  • In Virtual Tank Mode, when they eat stars one or two times, it will make the sound of a guppy eating a fish food.


The movement of a starcatcher

Star Catcher for sale in The Fish Emporium.