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Stinky the Snail is the first pet you will ever get. He is a green snail with a brown shell that roams around on the bottom of your tank. He always heads towards the nearest coin, which he will collect for you. A must have in Virtual Tank Mode, if you are using the Screen-Saver Trick To collect coins.


As revealed in level 1-1 in Bonus Mode, he collects coins because it attracts the ladies, which means he is most likely a male snail.


Stinky is a snail on the bottom of the tank, he roams around and collects coins. He hides in his shell when an alien appears, making him temporarily unavailable if there are still coins in the area.


  • Stinky the Snail is the first pet you ever get, and one of the most useful in Tank 1, Tank 2, and Virtual Tank Mode
  • Stinky is also in the game Plants vs Zombies collecting money.[1]

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