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Tank 1 is the first tank in Insaniquarium. It is the most basic of all tanks in the game, having the cheapest egg prices, the cheapest laser costs, and the smallest food chain. The guppy and carnivore are both introduced for the first time here.


Tank 1 takes on the appearance of an average and basic fish tank. Its color palette is mostly made of blues and beiges. There are several leafy plants spread out in the tank, and there is a rock to the left with coral growing off of it.


Aliens Encountered

Pets Unlocked


Level Fish Aliens Egg Price Description Reward
1-1 GuppyI.png N/A $150 The very first level of the game, serving as a tutorial StinkyI.png
1-2 GuppyI.png SylvesterI.png $500 This level introduces food upgrades and Aliens. NikoI.png
1-3 GuppyI.pngCarnivoreI.png SylvesterI.png $2000 Carnivores are introduced, as well as laser upgrades. ItchyI.png
1-4 GuppyI.pngCarnivoreI.png BalrogI.png $3000 Balrog is introduced. PregoI.png
1-5 GuppyI.pngCarnivoreI.png BalrogI.pngSylvesterBalrogI.png $5000 MULTIPLE ALIEN SIGNATURES is first introduced. ZorfI.png