Tank 1 in Insaniquarium.

Tank 1 is the easiest tank in all of Insaniquarium.

Theme: Classic


 The theme for Tank 1.


After beating Tank 1 you will have the following pets:

Tank 1-1: Stinky the Snail is a coin collector pet that can just stay in the bottom of the aquarium.
Tank 1-2: Niko the Oyster opens his mouth once in a while giving you a pearl to you collect
Tank 1-3: Itchy the Swordfish helps you to attack the aliens, but doesn't do a lot of damage.
Tank 1-4: Prego the Momma Fish gives you a new small guppy once in a while.
Tank 1-5: Zorf the Seahorse helps you to keep your fish fed giving level two food to your fish when they become green.


Sylvester: An alien that looks like the aliens from SCI FI movies. The weakest alien in the game, can only eat one fish at a time.
Balrog: A cross between a lion and a mermaid with orange dreadlocks. Behaves similar to Sylvester, but is harder to kill and eats your fish endlessly, until killed.
Tank 1 is also your starting backdrop in Virtual Tank mode.

Tank 1 Fish

Guppy: The basic fish, no coins while a baby, silver coins while medium fish, gold coins while an adult and diamonds as a King Guppy. Costs 100$.
Carnivore: A fish that eats baby guppies and gives you diamonds. Costs 1000$.
Laser Upgrade Cost: 1000$ each.


Tank 1-1

Fish: Guppy

Aliens: none

Egg price: $150 each, $450 total

Tank 1-2

Fish: Guppy

Aliens: Sylvester

Egg price: $500 each, $1500 total

Tank 1-3

Fish: Guppy and Carnivore

Aliens: Sylvester

Egg price: $2000 each, $6000 total

Tank 1-4

Fish: Guppy and Carnivore

Aliens: Balrog

Egg price: $3000 each, $9000 total

Tank 1-5

Fish: Guppy and Carnivore

Aliens: Balrog, Sylvester + Balrog

Egg price: $5000, $15000 total


The first Bonus round for you to collect shells

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