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Tank 2 is the second tank in Insaniquarium. This tank ramps up the diffculty by introducing the mechanics of star potions (and to an extent more complex food chains) and two new aliens with completely new attributes.


Unlike the previous tank, Tank 2 looks more foreign and less like an average tank. The color scheme is composed of several shades of pink. There are two ruins of pillars and a broken vase to the left. To the right appears to be a clam with coral and rocks beside it.


Aliens Encountered



Pets Unlocked


Level Fish Aliens Egg Price Description Reward
2-1 GuppyI.png SylvesterI.png $750 ClydeI.png
2-2 GuppyI.pngStarcatcherI.png BalrogI.png $3000 Introduction of star potions, stars and Starcatchers. VertI.png
2-3 GuppyI.pngStarcatcherI.png GusI.png $5000 Gus's first appearance. RufusI.png
2-4 GuppyI.pngStarcatcherI.png DestructorI.png $7500 Destructor's first appearance. MerylI.png
2-5 GuppyI.pngStarcatcherI.png GusI.pngDestructorI.pngSylvesterBalrogI.png $10,000 WadsworthI.png