Tank 2 in Insaniquarium.

Tank 2 is the second tank in Insaniquarium, It's trickier, harder and a there's a new food chain!

Theme: Ancient


The theme for Tank 2.


After Beating Tank 2 you will have the following pets:

Tank 2-1: Clyde the Jellyfish: A Jellyfish that helps you to collect coins but is not at the bottom of the aquarium as Stinky is. Clyde is able to swim freely through the water

Tank 2-2: Vert the Skeleton: Vert is a skeleton from an adult Guppy and works exactly as one, but cant die

Tank 2-3: Rufus the Fiddler Crab: Rufus is a crab which helps you to fight the aliens and is stronger than Itchy, but he can't leave the bottom of the tank.

Tank 2-4: Meryl the Mermaid: Meryl is a mermaid who sings once in a while and makes all your fish drop about 3 or 4 coins in a short period of time.

Tank 2-5: Wadsworth the Whale: Wadsworth is a whale that when an alien comes in the tank he hides all your small and medium guppies in his mouth, preventing they to be eaten.

Tank 2 can be bought in Virtual Tank as a backdrop which costs 15,000 Shells.


Gus: An alien that is immune to lasers. To defeat him you have to feed him until he literally explodes from eating too much.

Destructor: A huge robot that rolls along the ground and can't eat your fishes but is able to shoot missiles that are aimed into specific fishes.

Tank 2 Fish

Guppy: The basic fish, no coins when a baby, silver coins when a medium fish, gold coins when a adult and diamonds as a King Guppy. Costs 100$.

Star Guppy: An adult Guppy that was given a Star Potion as food. It gives you stars rather than coins. Star Potions Costs 250$. Star value is 40$

Starcatcher: A purple pot-like fish that eats stars and shoots a diamond up in your tank each time it is fed. Costs 750$

Laser Upgrade Cost: $1000 each. Not recommended for tank 2-3, as the only alien is Gus who is immune to lasers. It is recommended to upgrade your food quantity instead.


Tank 2-1

6th level in the game

Fish: Guppy

Aliens: Sylvester

Egg price: $750 each, $2250 total

Tank 2-2

7th level in the game

Fish: Guppy and Starcatcher

Aliens: Balrog

Egg price: $3000 each, $9000 total

Tank 2-3

8th level in the game

Fish: Guppy and Starcatcher

Aliens: Gus

Egg price: $5000 each, $15000 total

Tank 2-4

9th level in the game

Fish: Guppy and Starcatcher

Aliens: Destructor

Egg price: $7500 each, $22500 total

Tank 2-5

10th level in the game

Fish: Guppy and Starcatcher

Aliens: Gus, Destructor, Sylvester+Balrog (seldom)

Egg price: $10000 each, $30000 total

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