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Tank 3 is the third tank in Insaniquarium, the first new tank of the Deluxe version sporting an Oriental theme. This tank further increases the difficulty, introducing a more diverse food chain with Guppycrunchers and Beetlemunchers, as well as two new aliens, Psychosquid and Ulysses, with Balrog, Gus and Destructor returning from previous tanks.


Like the previous two tanks, Tank 3 has a different overall theme with its design, with an oriental decor. The dominant coloring is heavy on greens and chartreuse.

There is a small bonsai tree to the left of a tank and a miniature oriental-themed structure to the right, with a stone bridge connecting the two. The sand is raked out, making it reminiscent of a zen garden.


Aliens Encountered



Pets Unlocked


Level Fish Aliens Egg Price Description Reward
3-1 GuppyI.pngGuppycruncherI.png BalrogI.png $1000 Introduction of Guppycrunchers. SeymourI.png
3-2 GuppyI.pngGuppycruncherI.pngBeetlemuncher.png GusI.pngDestructorI.png $5000 Introduction of Beetlemunchers. ShrapnelI.png
3-3 GuppyI.pngGuppycruncherI.pngBeetlemuncher.png PsychosquidI.png $7500 Psychosquid's first appearance. GumboI.png
3-4 GuppyI.pngGuppycruncherI.pngBeetlemuncher.png UlyssesI.png $10,000 Ulysses' first appearance. BlipI.png
3-5 GuppyI.pngGuppycruncherI.pngBeetlemuncher.png PsychosquidI.pngUlyssesI.png $15,000 RhubarbI.png


The theme for Tank 3.


Insaniquarium! Deluxe- Extended Soundtrack - Tank 3


  • This is the only tank to not summon multiple aliens at once.