Tank 6 is a glitch tank that can be unlocked by fighting Cyrax multiple times in a row.

To do that get to Tank 5 and defeat Cyrax normally but don't enter Tank 1-1 afterward, instead click on the user panel, double click on your name and enter Tank 5-1. Continue with the Tanks 5-2 – 5-5 until Tank 6-1 appears on the Adventure Mode. Click on that and you'll notice that it's like an infinite void cheat was activated and that the fish leave streaks of themselves when they move. Also once here there's no way out of it and unless you have the Fishinator 2 you will have to start a new game and lose all your data. However the Cyrax glitch can net you a ton of shells. Be sure to stop after Tank 5-4 to avoid locking yourself into Tank 6. The no man's land is in short what Tank 6 simply is.


  • If you hack the savegame file by putting "yy" in the blank space between all the ÿ's, you can get a similar tank which is tank 538976257-538976257 or any other big number. By doing this you also get a trophy, unlock all the bonus pets and upgrades, unlock the sandbox mode, have a 24 pet limit in the virtual tank, and get a very large amount of shells (though it will go back to 9999999 after collecting a shell).
  • This glitch was fixed in the Steam version by forcing the game to instantly go back to Tank 1-1 if Tank 5 is in any subtank other than 1, making Tank 6 in the Steam version completely inaccessible without hacking (unless Cheat Engine is used, which can bypass this fix).
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