Tanks are the play areas in the game. There are a total of 6 tanks in Insaniquarium Deluxe. Only 4 are playable in Time Trial Mode and Challenge Mode, an additional tank in Adventure Mode, and an exclusive tank for Virtual Tank Mode.

Tank 1


Tank 1 Backdrop

Tank 1 is the first tank in Adventure Mode. It is also the default backdrop for Virtual Tank Mode. Its background is blue. It has a rock with a hole, wherein Niko is situated, with corals growing around it; a diving helmet, and seaweeds growing on the right side of the tank.

Theme: Classic

Tank 2


Tank 2 Backdrop

Tank 2 is the second tank in Adventure Mode. Its background is pink. It has a broken vase, three marble columns (the shortest one is where Niko is situated), a giant clam, and corals growing behind the clam.

Theme: Ancient

Tank 3


Tank 3 Backdrop

Tank 3 is the third tank in Adventure Mode. Its background is green. It has rocks where a bonsai tree grows (the flat rock is where Niko is situated), and a stone bridge which is shaped like an arc that connects the bonsai to a chinese pagoda.

Theme: Oriental

Tank 4


Tank 4 Backdrop

Tank 4 is the fourth tank in Adventure Mode. Its background is navy blue. It has a wooden barrel, wherein Niko is situated, with a human skeleton leaning on a bottle of alcohol with its hands gestured in a thumbs-up position, and a treasure chest.

Theme: Treasure

Tank 5


Tank 5 Backdrop

Tank 5 is the final tank in Adventure Mode where the player battles Cyrax. Its background is violet. In the center of the tank lies a face with teeth showing; and jutting out in front of it is a knife and a fork, wherein Niko is situated. On both sides of the tank, two mouths with teeth showing are found. This tank is known to many as Cyrax's throne.

Theme: Cyrax's Lair

Exclusive Tank


Exclusive Tank Backdrop

This tank is only available in Virtual Tank Mode and can be selected in Sandbox Mode. Its background is light-blue/cyan and has a castle as the main attraction. Niko is situated on the column left from the castle's door.

Theme: Castle