Tanks are the play areas in the game. There are a total of 6 tanks in Insaniquarium Deluxe. Only 4 are playable in Time Trial Mode and Challenge Mode, an additional tank in Adventure Mode, and an exclusive tank for the Virtual Tank.

Tank 1


Tank 1 Backdrop

Tank 1 is the first and easiest tank in Adventure Mode. The backdrop of this tank is that of an ocean. Some special points of interest in this tank include: a small cave that has corral growing around it (if Niko is selected he will be in this cave.), an old diving helmet, and some seaweed growing on the right side of the tank. This is also the Default tank background in the Virtual tank  

Tank 2


Tank 2 Backdrop

Tank 2 is the second tank in Adventure Mode. The backdrop is pink. It has a broken vase, three marble columns (the shortest one is where Niko is situated), a giant clam, and corals growing behind the clam.

Tank 3


Tank 3 Backdrop

Tank 3 is the third tank in Adventure Mode. Its backdrop is green. It has rocks where a bonsai tree grows (the flat rock next to said bonsai tree is where Niko is situated), and a stone bridge which is shaped like an arc that connects the bonsai to a Chinese pagoda.

Tank 4


Tank 4 Backdrop

Tank 4 is the fourth tank in Adventure Mode. Its backdrop is navy blue. It has a wooden barrel, wherein Niko is situated, with a human skeleton leaning on a bottle of alcohol with its hands gestured in a thumbs-up position, and a treasure chest.

Tank 5


Tank 5 Backdrop

Tank 5 is the final tank in Adventure Mode where the player battles Cyrax. the backdrop of this tank is purple/violet. In the center of the tank lies a face with teeth showing; and jutting out in front of it is a knife and a fork, wherein Niko is situated. On both sides of the tank, two mouths with teeth showing are found. This tank is known to many as Cyrax's throne.

Exclusive Tank


Exclusive Tank Backdrop

This tank is only available in Virtual Tank Mode and can be selected in Sandbox Mode. Its backdrop is light-blue/cyan and has a castle as the main attraction. Niko is situated on the column left from the castle's door.

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