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<infobox layout="stacked">
<title source="Fish name">
<image source="Picture of fish">
<data source="Appears_in:">
<label>Appears in:</label>
<data source="Eats:">
<data source="Eaten by:">
<label>Eaten by:</label>
<data source="Produces:">
<label>Produces (In adventure mode and the virtual tank):</label>
<data source="Post_(in_$_and_shells):">
<label>Cost (in $ and shells):</label>
Example usage:<pre>
{{Fish name
|Name of fish: i really need to explain this?
|Picture of fish: ... this too? come on.
|Appears in: Tank #
|Eats: Food
|Eaten by: What eats this fish, if anything?
|Produces: Produces
|Cost (in $ and shells): Cost in money/cost in shells

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