The Fish Emporium is a shop that sells various fish and equipment for the player's Virtual Tank. There are eight slots in total with two specially reserved for tank backdrops and the other for upgrades. Meryl the Mermaid restocks the emporium daily at midnight based on time set on the player's computer; once an item is purchased, the stock for it will be empty until the next day. .

Slot A

Always contains a guppy for 25 shells. Players can purchase one each day. These guppies will never be eaten or killed by other fish or pets.

Naming one Santa at purchase will change its color palette, make it grow into a full-sized guppy with only two pellets of food and cause it to drop Bags O' Shells.

Slot B

Always contains a carnivore for 100 shells. They eat guppies from the "Feed" button in the Virtual Tank menu bar. They won't eat any store-bought fish.


Slot C

Contains an array of colorful guppies for 500 shells each. The colors vary from day to day. They eat the same amount of food and drops the same number of shells as a regular guppy but cannot grow into a king guppy, allowing it to retain its special coloration.

Occasionally, a rainbow guppy is available in this slot for 2500 shells.

Slot D

Similarly to Slot C, contains an array of colorful carnivores for 1,000 shells. The colors vary daily. The carnivores drop the same amount of shells and eat the same food as regular carnivores.

Occasionally, a rainbow carnivore is available in this slot for 5000 shells.

Slot E

Contains every type of fish besides guppies and carnivores.

None of the fish sold here have special attributes as the ones in Slot F. The price range varies and is usually between 2500-10000 shells but can be up to 20,000 shells.

Slot F

This slot sells fish that usually have some special properties. There are named fish (such as Rocky or Johnny V), musical geniuses, fish that swim backwards, speedy fish, and fish with very special or exotic diets. Players can also find invisible fish and voracious fish.

Upgrade Slot

This is where players can find all of the upgrades for their Virtual Tank. The upgrades include the Bubbulator, the Alien Attractor, the Food Upgrade, and Cookie the beetlemuncher. Once they're all collected, this slot will offer a random fish (can be anything from slots A-F). The random fish can cost between 25 and 50000 shells, and it might offer fish with special attributes.

Backdrop Slot

Various backdrops can be purchased for 15000 shells. Players can purchase each of the backdrops from Tanks 1 through 5 as well as an exclusive, light blue castle backdrop. Once all of the backdrops are purchased, this slot will also offer random fish.

This category pertains to creatures, objects, and concepts that are exclusive to the Virtual Tank mode.

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