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Ultravores are large, prehistoric-looking fish that are first available in Tank 4. They eat carnivores and, in Adventure Mode, drop treasure chests worth $2,000. Despite its ferocious appearance and behavior, it is vulnerable to Aliens just like any other fish in the tank if not more due to their large size.

Ultravores are an important asset to players trying to quickly obtain $99,999 for the final egg piece in Tank 4-5.


Even though they give a lot of money, it can be difficult to take care of ultravores. If attempting to house many ultravores, it is suggested to have Blip in the tank as their huge size make ultravore very large targets for Aliens. Blip can help prevent the consumption of several ultravores by allowing players to view the location aliens will enter from. Ultravores are $10,000 each but, if kept alive, they will pay for themselves in no time. Although they produce a lot of money in the form treasure chests, players may want the four pet upgrade to maximize money making.

Note: Gumbo and Wadsworth have no effect on ultravores to protect them.

Virtual Tank

In Virtual Tank mode, normal ultravores can be purchased from The Fish Emporium for 10,000 shells and drops Bags O' Shells when fed. The emporium also sells a purple ultravore named Kilgore, a pre-named fish that roars when it eats and sings Ride of the Valkyries.

Ultravores can also be summoned via the Feed button for Sylvesters, Rocky, and other fish with special diets.


  • It resembles a placcoderm, an extinct primitive group of fishes that had armor in their bodies.The most well-known member is Dunkleosteus, which Ultravore resembles the most.
  • It makes the slowest, lowest pitched cry when dying.
  • Ultravores do not have a "hungry" sprite. Rather, their normal sprite is tinted green.


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