aka Axew/Michael

  • I live in Uпιτᴇᴅ Kιпgᴅoм
  • I was born on December 8
  • My occupation is sτυᴅᴇпᴛ
  • I am gay (but not really (actually maybe))
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Yay it's locked. :3


I am Axew13 of YouTube!

I correct grammar and stuff because people don't seem use grammar here.

The worst part is when it says "People make a game with sandbox mode with <pet names>". Doesn't make sense. Therefore, it is stupid. Doesn't even make sense to put such a thing in a wiki page unless it's some sort of "Fun games to play" page. Regardless, I don't delete it and I merely improve it.

Sorry if this is short but someone without an account edited it to say "im gay" and deleted everything from the page. It's fixed and locked now.

Bragging Rights: Trolled the Zelda Wikia. We don't need the Zelda Wikia, there's a real Zelda wiki right here. And anyone can edit that, therefore rendering Zelda Wikia useless. I made funny but unacceptable jokes on my user page, copied Minish Link's signature to say that I was banned on the talk page, then said to a guy that I had been locked out of my account, using my not-logged-in signature here. Success. :3

Edit: Turns out you need an account and a confirmed e-mail adress. "that anyone can edit". Bullcrap!

Axew13 on YouTube: Insaniquarium Videos

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Newest Video: Watch Insaniquarium Deluxe - New Video.

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