I started my Wiki adventure on the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki, another game by PopCap, so why not go here? I even found a freebie download of Insaniquarium Deluxe online!

My favorite pages

Just Cute

  1. Breeder: first page I edited on this wiki
  2. Guppy: Oh So Cute
  4. Nostradamus: Yuk!
  5. Prego: Type code "prego" while playing if you don't like farting

Food Chains


FishOne is eaten by FishTwo: FishOne < FishTwo

FishOne drops Object that is eaten by FishTwo: FishOne >> Object < FishTwo

FishOne eats Fish Food: FishOne


Tank 1: Guppy < Carnivore

Tank 2: StarGuppy >> Star < StarCatcher

Tank 3: Guppy < GuppyCruncher >> Beetle < BeetleMuncher

Tank 4: Breeder >> Guppy < Carnivore < Ultravore

My Top 5 Best Pets

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Pets unlocked during tanks 1 through 4 only. (Sorry Presto!)

Number 5: Vert the Skeleton Fish

This guy needs more attention!

Arrgh...annoying bombs.

Many people will disagree with my choice here. Yeah, sure, he is very redundant. But what if you want early money and you don't want to take risks? (Looking at you, Shrapnel.) His true power is in Presto-Vert, but I just decided to go a little generic.

Number 4: Rufus the Fiddler Crab

Save your appetite for something other than guppies, Gash.

Some people will say, "Why not Gash?" Well, let me forward to you a story told by my sister, who also plays Insaniquarium. She was doing very badly and soon had only one StarGuppy left, and Gash ate it, giving her a game over! It is rather easy to coax aliens to the bottom (shoot at their head) and if you are a good button-masher, you will have made short work of even Bilaterus!

Number 3: Angie the AngelFish

Brownie points for starring in credits!

The last three entries on my list are a group; they make a powerful bond that gives more power than any of them individually. Angie is very good against the Destructor + Ulysses combo because they both leave fish corpses in the tank! Just give careful attention to make sure all of the fish don't die at the same time. Also, Angie gets "brownie points" for starring in the credits.

Number 2: Gumbo the AnglerFish

This guy is...awesome. He gives you more elbow room to blast aliens.

Number 1: Blip the Porpoise

All Around Awesome, my MVP (Most Valued Pet)

All around awesome, only falling short to Presto. He shows you which fish are hungry, opens up all the menu options (allowing you to buy that egg piece without grabbing a $2000 BeetleMuncher first) shows where an alien is about to pop up and even shows how much health aliens have! His only weakness is Challenge Mode. Grab him and in Tank 1 you'll have 3 egg pieces costing over $10000...

Secret Codes

  • "prego": Turns off Prego's fart and replaces it with a squeegee sound.
  • "void": The background becomes entirely white, like the backdrop for Tank 6.
  • "space": The backdrop becomes black with white specks. Spacefish!
  • "zombie": This one is the most trippy. All the fish become floating corpses whilst acting normally, and when a fish gets hungry it turns sideways.
  • "santa" name for a guppy: the fish turns into a fish that sings a select group of songs, and gives off Bags o' shell when full-size and happy. Also it grows every time you feed it but doesn't become a King Guppy.
  • "give" on the main menu: allows you to transfer shells between users on the same computer.
  • "up up down down left right left right B A" on the main menu: Sandbox Mode code.
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