Good morning everyone. As you know, Insaniquarium wiki has had a couple of instances of inactive administration. Personally, I love this wiki, and while I do take extended breaks every now and then, I always come back to the wikis I am fond of. I strongly urge you to continue reading as I would like your support on this requent.

I've made many edits to this wiki myself, and I usually focus on creating structure in otherwise messy pages, updating images to be in a clean, transparent .png format, making corrections to grammatical and spelling errors, and ensuring every page can be navigated to, easily. That said, there are many obsolete pages that would benefit from being merged that have been around for months, possibly a couple of years. I am hoping the community will give me consent to take a role of power on this wiki for its benefit as I still have many plans for it.

Thanks for reading, I hope to hear from some of the community members.

Gahshunk 01:13, August 25, 2017 (UTC)

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