This is a Pets rating that bought in Tank 1 in Adventure Mode in my version :

1. Stinky : 7/10

Good : Help you catch any coins that you have missed.

Bad  : Too slow, limited in bottom tank, and very bad if you use Stinky with Nimbus.

2. Niko : 5,5/10

Good : Produce pearl that worth $250 and 10 Shells

Bad  : Produce rate is lower (only $6.25/sec) than Vert and Shrapnel, have a long time to produce pearl, and the pearl's value is lower than pearl that produced by Beetlemuncher and Brinkley.

3. Itchy : 5/10

Good : Helps you by attacking aliens.

Bad  : Only deal low damage(same as Level 1 laser)

4. Prego : 8/10

Good : Produce a new free small guppy.

Bad  : Make your tank fast overpopulate of guppies.

5. Zorf : 6/10

Good : Help you by feeding your fish.

Bad  : Feeding too slow, only feeding your fish if your fish turn into green, and only have level 2 Pellets.

Pets rating that bought in Tank 2 in Adventure Mode COMING SOON!!!

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