Wadsworth is a blue whale. He protects small and medium guppies from aliens by hiding them inside his mouth.


Wadsworth can protect small and medium guppies from alien attacks by hiding them inside his mouth. This is mostly useful to new players that are still getting used to the game play but may quickly become obsolete.

If all large guppies have been eaten or killed by other means, Wadsworth will fall asleep in the middle of an alien attack, leaving all medium and small guppies helpless. Paired with Gumbo, players may be able to easily avoid this from happening.


"Wadsworth has made quite a comeback since his accident several years back. Hopelessly addicted to plankton and abandoned by all his friends, Wadsworth lost all muscle control one day and accidentally ate all of the fish in his mouth. Since finishing rehab four years ago, Wadsworth has re-entrenched himself in Insaniquarium players' hearts."


  • When Rhubarb snaps his claws while the guppies are inside Wadsworth, they will "jump" and be seen outside, then return inside Wadsworth's mouth.
  • Despite being a blue whale, the largest living creature, he is only slightly larger than a medium guppy.


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