Walter is the fourth bonus pet and the final pet in the game. He is an indigo penguin with an orange beak, a white belly, and large eyes. When Walter is clicked, he launches a boxing glove, forcing whatever fish or pet it hits to perform an action.


Walter will swim around the tank aimlessly and launch his boxing glove when clicked on by the player. This makes it somewhat difficult to aim his punches as the player cannot control what fish or pets happen to be in front of him.

After using his boxing glove five times, Walter will fall asleep for a short time to recharge.

Boxing Glove Effects


"Walter masks his tremendous insecurities with sheer bravado and scrappyness. On the outside, this happy-go-lucky penguin seems to have not a care in the world. On the inside, he has a great big boxing glove which he uses to punch people."


  • Walter is the only bird in the game.
  • In the virtual tank, Walter does not sleep.
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