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Zorf is a green seahorse with a magenta tinge on its webbed head, has huge eyes, and is unlocked on Level 1-5.


Zorf spits out a Level 2 food pellet every ~3 seconds, but only when a guppy is hungry (yellow). Zorf's food pellet does not count against the player's food limit. Zorf never gives guppies a level 3 food pellet (see Zorf's story for official reasoning).

Otherwise, Zorf slowly wanders the Tank. Zorf does not move towards hungry guppies, simply spitting out the food in the direction it is facing.

Zorf does not attempt to feed Gus nor Brinkley, though both can consume a pellet Zorf has already dropped.


Zorf the Seahorse.png
Some people wonder, Why doesn't ZORF ever upgrade to level 3
food? The reason is that ZORF thinks that most foods are too rich
in fat and artificial preservatives. The level 2 food, on the other
hand, is raised one hundred percent organically and has no artificial flavors or additives.


Zorf has two main uses: distributing Type II food at the start of levels (reducing time spent with small/medium guppies) and reducing the number of clicks needed to feed guppies. The former use particularly helps experienced players with Challenge Mode, quickening the time to money and extra guppies without unlocking all options at once (like Blip). The latter use helps newer players who may get overwhelmed with the number of tasks needed to run a late-game Tank.

Since Zorf can distribute one Type II pellet per ~3 seconds, Zorf can feed up to 5 guppies without player assistance (1 Type II pellet = 15 seconds of satiety). This means that, despite popular belief, Zorf struggles with large groups of guppies.

Zorf's main limitations are its slow feed rate and Type II food. In late-game tanks (& Tank 4), Zorf cannot significantly help the player feed large amounts of guppies, and the few Zorf can feed have their growth slowed by subpar food.


  • Zorf's mouth and eyes resemble the Peashooter from Plant vs. Zombies.
    • This is not surprising, as the same company that made Insaniquarium/Insaniquarium Deluxe (PopCap Games) also made Plants vs. Zombies.


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