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Zorf the Seahorse.png

Zorf is a green seahorse with a pink tinge on her webbed head. She has huge eyes. She is unlocked on Level 1-5.


Zorf spits out a Type 2 Food Pellet every once in awhile, to help keep you fish fed. Well, not Type 3 Food, and she only feeds slowly.


Some people wonder, why doesn't ZORF ever upgrade to level 3 food? The reason is that ZORF thinks that most food are too rich in fat and artificial preser vatives. The level 2 , on the other had, is raised one hundred percent organically and has no artificial flavors or addtives.


However, she is very useful when you need an extra hand at feeding such as when you have a large group of guppies. Zorf is also useful at the start of levels, when you only can drop Type 1 Food. Zorf works well with Prego .


  • Zorf says that the reason it doesn't switch to Type 3 Food is that it is too rich in fat and artificial preservatives, while Type 2 Food is raised 100% organically and has no artificial flavors.
  • Zorf's mouth and eyes resemble Peashooter's.


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